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Year 7/8s Big Trip to Napier

On Friday, 13 March everyone in the Intermediate Department was buzzing about the day that was in front of us – our big trip to Napier!

We all met in Ms McKenna’s room. It was a long anxious wait but we finally got on the buses and departed!

On arrival in Napier we went to the Art Deco centre to watch a quick video ‘The day that changed the Bay’. It was really interesting to learn all about what Napier was like before the earthquake! We then split into two groups, led by the lovely Art Deco volunteers, and went on a walk and talk about the rebuilding of Napier. We learnt all about symmetrical Art Deco designs, where Art Deco originated and how the city centre changed after the 1931earthquake.

After a quick morning tea we went to the museum to learn more about the earthquake. The exhibition was fascinating and it was very interesting to see before and after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

When we got back on the buses most people were starving! We had a short ride to the aquarium for lunch then went inside to learn more about marine life adaptation (for our up-coming science unit). A highlight was seeing the recued penguins being fed. It was also special to see a live tuatara and two kiwis!

By the end of our trip, everyone was exhausted. We loved our trip to Napier and can’t wait to learn more!

Isobel Ham, Y7



Intermediate Department in sunny Napier

Intermediate Department in sunny Napier

Art Deco walk and talk

Art Deco walk and talk

At the National  Aquarium in Napier

At the National Aquarium in Napier