Woodford house


Year 7/8 EOTC Day

I could feel the excitement in the air as I stepped out of the car and hurried up to the classrooms. All the Year 7/8 girls were buzzing around, getting ready for the big day. It was Friday 10 February, and the Intermediate department was getting ready for EOTC day. Finally, 8.20am rolled around, and everyone gathered in Ms McKenna’s room. Laughter and chatter rang out into the courtyard, spreading excitement everywhere we went. Ms Chalmers and Mr Nixon put us into random groups, so with new faces and old friends, we were off.

My group ran down the zigzag path to the gym for our first activity in the adventure race. It took all of our team’s brains put together to figure it out. After trying to work out which way the map went, we zipped off to our next station. Occasionally, we met other teams racing different ways, and we made friends with all sorts of new people along the way. I could put so many more names to faces by the end of the adventure race, and I could see that lots of new Year 7’s had met people and made friends as well. As soon as everyone had stopped puffing, we rushed into the next activity.







From behind his back, Mr Nixon produced a tent, and blindfolds. We were going to put up a tent in pitch black darkness. This was going to need a lot of teamwork! We split into our House groups, and half put on blindfolds, while half instructed, without touching the person or the tent. It was chaos, but we all wheedled our way through. There were cheers of triumph from Rouncil as they finished first, and Frimley joined in soon after. The Intermediate Department were tired and hungry, but gigantic smiles were spread over everyone’s faces.

After a delicious barbecue lunch, we were divided into different areas; Rouncil and Frimley headed for the pool and Wallingford and Tauroa headed for a long black waterslide. I bounced up the steps, and was washed down to the pool by the stampede of happy girls. Our next challenge was to make a raft out of the various floaty stuff that had been set in front of us. Frimley worked hard to create a raft that would float, and go faster than Rouncil’s one. Eventually, we just had to throw it all on and paddle! We raced to the end, trying not to lose the noodles off the back, and everyone was caught up in the fun of the moment. We all helped each other, and we reached the end.

Wearily, we walked back down the stairs. It had been a tiresome day, but there was one last thing to do. Laying on the hill was the longest, sleekest and fastest water slide I had ever seen. We lined up at the top, breathless with excitement, waiting for our turn. Finally it came, and I sat at the top, watching the bubbles run down the black tarpaulin. Go! I was racing down the slide, with soapy water spraying in my face. Splat! I hit the bottom, and I was soaked in mud and dishwashing liquid. I ran back up to do it again and again.

Sadly, all things come to an end. EOTC day was so amazing, full of friendships, fun, and laughter. I wish I could do it all again!

Ella Simmons, Year 8