Woodford house


Year 13 Leavers’ Assembly 2016

At our Year 13 leavers’ assembly on Tuesday 8 November 2016, Head Prefect, Eva Goodisson gave an emotional speech reflecting on her time at Woodford House.

Advice to my younger self

Year 7, worried about what uniform to wear, being on time, completing prep

Probably did more study for exams then, thinking if I aced these, I’d be set

Hearing the Chapel Choir for the first time had me in awe that joining them is what I’d be’

Only to find out after my first solo in Chapel that singing was not for me

The seniors, Year 13’s and prefects were the coolest people I’d seen

To be one of them seemed impossible – they were so big, talented and keen

But only time would set Year 7 me and Year 13 me apart

If I knew that then, I would go and talk to them, because being a big Year 13 leader was somewhere in my heart.


Year 8 and we thought we ruled the School

Only to realise in Year 9 that we were really not so cool

I used to think that trying to impress and worry about what others thought about me was the norm

Because in Year 9 you’re just trying to find your place at Woodford, in your house and your form

But as soon as I put on my senior striped top, those groups weren’t so important, and we all had each others’ backs

Because we had grown up together and were heading along the same track.


All the little things, like worrying about exams, people and doing what’s “right”

Seem so insignificant now, because the real world is now in sight

There are so many bigger things that are to come in the next few years

So little disappointments like not being a Year 10 leader seems ridiculous to be one of my fears.


But to think this was all going through my mind seven years ago seems insane

Because it’s all gone way too quickly, but I’ve enjoyed the pain

I think if I were to repeat, I’d enjoy each day just a bit more

Because once it’s all over, you finally see that your time at Woodford has been such a score.


There are so many things that I love about Woodford, that I’ve never thought of before

Like going away on sports trips, the friendships in my year group and I even love Chapel more!

As I speak up here for one of the last times, although the small things at Woodford will always come with me,

I think back on what I’ve learnt, and in a lecture theatre next year, tying my hair up will not be a worry!

Eva Goodisson, Year 13

This video was also presented at the Year 13 leavers’ assembly. Staff and students were asked to complete the sentence “When I look up to our Year 13’s I think…”