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Year 13 Leadership Camp at Waimarama

Jane Perry

Ms Jane Perry, Year 13 Dean

The leadership camp was a relaxed but meaningful experience designed to ready the new student leaders for their many responsibilities.

It was also a pleasant surprise for the new Year 13s. The girls continued to learn something new about each other even after as many as five years together and had a fun time learning some fundamentals about leadership and working together.

The girls set goals as a year group giving them a practical focus for the year in which they can have a big influence on the rest of the school. The activities reinforced the skills they needed to develop and the camp was intended to be fun, so many activities involved supporting each other in sporting games such as orienteering, surfing and surf lifesaving.

A session with motivational life coach Robert Miller inspired the girls to start thinking deeply about themselves and their goals. The girls should be encouraged to continue these conversations at home and to make practical plans. Whilst it was a moving session, it is probably fair to say that surfing was the favourite activity, with the teachers having a good crack at it as well!

The girls should be congratulated for their thoughtful approach to leadership, their support of each other and their great senses of humour. The school is lucky to have them guiding students through a year of change.



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