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Year 13 Book Release

Cora, Kevin, and Timmy Anderson live in the future. It is a bleak one, where the world is plagued with pollution and poverty. When a pandemic sweeps America, the future of mankind is at stake. While Cora works tirelessly to stop the spread of BR214, others seem to be working against her. What will be the final price of the decisions made by humanity? This is a brief synopsis of BR214, a self-published novel by Year 13 students in Mrs Amy Reid’s English class.

The project was a focal point of Term 2, when the class collaboratively brainstormed the plot, the setting and characters. The girls then mapped out a detailed synopsis of each chapter, and individual students wrote one or two chapters each.

“It was really cool to create characters and a specific universe, and it was a refreshing exercise for an internal assessment,” said Year 13 student, Emily Park.

Students viewed and commented on each other’s work using Google Docs to create a cohesive work of fiction. The process was completed in Term 3, including final editing and formatting of the novel before it was sent off for publishing.

Mrs Reid said, “I’ve been wanting to try this collaborative project for several years and I am really pleased with the final result. These girls can proudly say they have written a novel.”

To celebrate the arrival of the printed books, the girls shared afternoon tea with invited staff.

Mrs Amy Reid, English Teacher