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Year 12 students awarded scholarship

The power of setting goals, believing in yourself and having a healthy appetite for learning has paid dividends for three Year 12 students who have been awarded a New Zealand Scholarship, a monetary award that recognises top scholars throughout the country.

The New Zealand Qualifications Award’s (NZQA) Scholarship was primarily designed for Year 13 students who are going on to full-time tertiary study, so to receive the award in Year 12 is extraordinary.

Madeleine Fenn, Georgia Trent and Emily Park were thrilled to learn of their Scholarships alongside four Year 13 students, Catherine Nettlingham, Tajpreet Padda, Susannah Hansen and Elizabeth Dawson.

Madeleine Fenn

Georgia Trent

Emily Park

This year, Woodford House celebrated its highest number of scholarships with 10 being awarded across the curriculum areas of English, accounting, chemistry, history, physical education, music and design.

Madeleine, who received two Scholarships in history and English, believes her success was the result of passion combined with extensive reading.

“Choosing subjects you are passionately interested in and that you genuinely love learning about really helps. Also, reading and absorbing as much information as you can,” Madeleine says.

In addition to gaining two Scholarships, Madeleine received Excellence Endorsements in all five of her courses last year.

This year, Madeleine has raised the bar and intends on sitting Scholarship in five courses – geography, English, classics, art and history.

This year’s Head Prefect, Georgia Trent, received a Scholarship in physical education, and Head of Music Emily Park received a Scholarship in music.

Both students are immensely passionate about their respective areas which, like Madeleine, they contribute to their scholarship success.

Emily has been a keen musician for 10 years and is involved in a range of extra-curricular activities such as the chapel choir, chamber music and itinerant music lessons.

She says Woodford House has provided her with the opportunity to experience operas, productions and concerts outside of school, which has continued to fuel her love of music.

“My teachers and the Visual Performing Arts Department have been opening my eyes to the world of music for many years, providing me with experiences that I can translate into my work,” Emily says.

Madeleine, Georgia and Emily also credit the School’s Scholarship Academy, which supports girls in their studies while creating links with academics in our community.

About NZQA Scholarship

New Zealand Qualifications Award’s Scholarship is a monetary award to recognise top scholars throughout the country.

Scholarship students sit a challenging examination at the end of the year, which is in addition to their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) studies. Scholarship is an award and does not generate or contribute to NCEA credits.

In 2017, more than 9800 students entered New Zealand Scholarship across 35 subjects and 2413 students were awarded one or more scholarships.

Scholarship students are expected to synthesise and integrate concepts, and to apply higher level thinking based on in-school and independent learning.