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Year 11 Camp at Eskdale

Ange Rathbone 2013

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Year 11 Dean

The weather Gods were watching over us while we were at Eskdale for the Year 11 overnight camp. Havelock North was experiencing rain, showers and winds and we were blissfully unaware!

Our first activity was mountain biking through the forest tracks. Each group was armed with a map and a good sense of direction. Together the girls navigated their way to the lunch spot and in the afternoon to our camp site. Sitting back on the bike after lunch caused a few moans and groans but the girls persevered and rode on. A keen group with the guidance of Miss Sime took up the challenge and rode a few of the intermediate tracks. The smiles appeared as the camp site came in view, bikes were happily put back into the trailers, tents were erected and living quarters made comfy! Cooking a two course dinner menu on a small gas cooker with small pots and pans was a challenge but everyone was fed and feeling full. The Rathbone family favourite ‘crunchy cornies’ was a hit and will, I’m sure, be spread amongst the Year 11 families.

Mr McIvor set up numerous fun activities where the girls had to work together; listening, communicating, and being creative, supportive and problem solving cooperatively. The girls slept soundly through some light rain and woke to a breakfast of baked beans, toast and cereals.

A highlight for many of the girls was the guest speaker Robert from Life NZ Ltd. They said, ”He just related to us, you could really tell he cared”. The camp ended with a hamburger lunch cooked and organised by Mr Semmens and Mr Plant. The girls were a pleasure to be with, they were always looking to lend a hand and support one another and staff. I look forward to being their Dean for 2015.

Y11 mt bike lunch break

Mountain bike lunch break

Y11 Rubber band activity

Rubber band activity

Y11 Cilla Susannah tubes

Cilla and Susannah lash the tubes together