Woodford house


Worm Farm Update

This term we invited Gabriel Hurford, who is employed by the Environmental Centre in Hastings, for lunch and to check on the progress of the Woodford House worm farm. The worm farm was installed in the gardens by the Technology block in mid-March 2017.

Gabriel was very impressed with the population increase and the amount of worm juice fertiliser being produced. He gave the Whacky Worm Squad some tips about what they were doing well and how the worm farm could be improved.


Gabriel and the Wacky Worm Squad


Gabriel and the girls check on the worm farm


A worm eating it’s way through a piece of celery

Kate Alexander, Sam Cave, Georgia Niblett and Georgia Russell are responsible for feeding and checking the farm. Waste from food technology classes is used to feed the worms. It needs to be sorted and cut up so they are getting a good digestible diet.

The girls are also busy bottling the worm juice fertiliser. Gabriel suggested selling the worm juice fertiliser to raise funds to establish a second worm farm in another part of the school.

The girls have really enjoyed this new experience and have been diligent and responsible in their duties.

Pam Knight, HOD Technology

Boost your spring garden

The Woodford House Wacky Worm Squad are now selling worm juice fertiliser for $1 per litre. Read more here. To order please contact Pam Knight, Head of Technology: pam.knight@woodford.school.nz