Woodford house


Woodford Sports Academy 2016

Seventy students were interviewed for places in the 2016 Sports Academy. Forty of those students have been selected, based on their current level of performance, future aspirations and recognition of how the Sports Academy will benefit them.

When determining their current level of performance we started with international rankings followed by national, regional and school level sport.
Congratulations to every girl for taking the time to apply and go through the interview process, which is a challenge and a learning experience in itself. The standard of applicants was extremely high in regards to the level of performance.
Unsuccessful applicants have been invited to attend strength and conditioning classes and will be invited to athlete development sessions throughout the year.

Sports Academy Members 2016:

• Zara Evans
• Gabby Gray
• Tui Aupouri
• Tessa Burns
• Olive Cornwall
• Manae Feleu
• Ginny Gibbs
• Eva Goodisson
• Molly Goodisson
• Nikki Livingston
• Alia Wentz
• Jessica Macfarquhar
• Elise Maiorana
• Emma McDougall
• Rachel McDougall
• Holly McIldowie
• Harriet Park
• Pieta Parvin
• Lucy Roberts
• Pippa Klingender
• Maia Troup
• Willa Aitken
• Anna Boult
• Amy Kean
• Sarah Kean
• Georgia Trent
• Olivia Ward
• Monique Way
• Samantha Cave
• Celine Mabey
• Jessica de Lautour
• Bianca Kitchin
• Zoe Parker
• Catie Nettlingham
• Sasha Norris
• Lydia Price
• Sarah Wixon
• Bridget de Lautour
• Ruby Hansen
• Jessica Norris
• Farren McGregor – Smyth