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Woodford House Appoints New Deputy Principal

Woodford House is proud to welcome Mr Paul Dine in his new role as Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning in Term 2. Paul brings a wealth of teaching and senior leadership experience gained over a 25 year career in education.

Paul started his career as a science teacher at St John’s College, progressing to more senior positions as Head of Science, Dean, Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. As Deputy Principal, Paul had a particular responsibility for curriculum development.

Paul says, “I think we developed a pretty seamless curriculum as we spent a lot of time getting it right. We worked with some big challenges during the introduction of NCEA in 2002, which certainly impacted on the courses offered. We introduced more flexibility and developed courses suited to the needs of the students.”

Following his time at St John’s College, and with four adult children having flown the nest, Paul and wife Jody travelled overseas, where he worked as an English Teacher in China. Whilst they enjoyed the experience immensely, they returned to New Zealand a year later to be near family with the arrival of their first grandchild, Milly-Rose.

On his return to New Zealand, Paul joined Woodford House in 2017 as a science teacher before stepping up to work in an acting senior leadership position in early 2018.

“I felt very supported by the staff in the acting role and although it took me out of the classroom, I quickly embraced the challenges of senior management and the opportunity to work with the whole Woodford House community,” says Paul.

Paul has discovered a few synergies with his previous experience, including vertical form systems as well as reconnecting with former St John’s College colleagues, Mr Ian Cameron and Mr Greg Semmens, and even former student, Director of Sport, Mr Alex Nixon.

Other welcome highlights so far for Paul have included the Woodford House Chapel services which target the girls’ interests, and the student-led assemblies which show the girls’ confidence in a public setting. Paul has also been impressed by the generosity of the students and staff. A sense of genuine care and empathy for others is evident.

He has also noticed how committed the girls are and the high standard they set, both in their school work and across a full programme of co-curricular activities.

“I’d like to think that while the girls are at Woodford House they are given every opportunity, and when they leave they are well prepared to take on the next step of their lives,” says Paul.

With a very busy start to his role so far, Paul has hit the ground running and is keen to support the girls in achieving their potential across the four cornerstones of the School.

Mrs Andrea Jackson, Communications and Marketing Coordinator