Woodford house


Our Vision

Principal’s Welcome

A warm welcome to you and your family. We have been welcoming new girls, families and friends to our beautiful school for more than 120 years, and with every new arrival we are reminded of how lucky we are to live and learn in such a safe, secure and stunning setting.

Woodford House is a boutique, girl-centric school where every student is known by her name. As we are a boarding school, the wellbeing of our girls goes beyond 8am – 3pm. Our girls are deeply cared for, listened to, encouraged and nurtured in an inclusive and positive environment.

We have a solid foundation to achieve personal excellence in all of our pursuits whether academic, sporting, cultural or spiritual. We are proud that in 2017, we received ten national scholarships across the curriculum areas for academic excellence.

Alongside our rich history and traditional values, we are focused on the future. Woodford House girls are building the skills, experiences, competencies, attitude and resilience required to move into life roles that will see them influence, participate, inspire and grow to be exceptional women.

Shaping Our Future

The Woodford Girl lies at the heart of who we are. As educators, stewards, leaders, supporters and mentors we are united in our shared moral and educational purpose to provide an exemplary education for every girl.

Rose window of Chapel

Our Guiding Principles

As a learning community we:

• Commit to ongoing learning and personal excellence
• Nurture an inclusive and collaborative community underpinned by our Christian ethos
• Recognise and value the Treaty of Waitangi
• Act with respect, integrity, honesty and empathy serving others

Strategic Priorities

The Board of Proprietors and the Board of Trustees have implemented a four-year strategic plan which is our road map for a sustainable future. The Strategic Plan clarifies the values we hold as a learning community and the strong traditions upon which this School is firmly founded.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • Learner Centred
  • Forward Thinking
  • Securing our Future
  • Family Focused