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How far in advance should I pre-enrol my daughter?
The first step on your journey to becoming part of Woodford House is completing our pre-enrolment form. Many families do this when their daughters are born. There is no fee to pre-enrol your daughter and no commitment to attend when she is older. It simply places your daughter on the waiting list and helps increase her chance of attending Woodford House in the future.

How do I enrol my daughter?
Please complete a pre-enrolment form online here.

Where does my daughter sit on the waiting list?
The pre-enrolment/waiting list is a fluid document. Due to its changing nature, we don’t usually specify where girls are on the waiting list.

When will I know my daughter can attend?
Your daughter will be invited for an interview with the Principal a year prior to her start date.

How many students are at Woodford House?
There are about 325 girls, and 200 of them are boarders.

What does it cost to attend Woodford House?
This will depend on whether you are a boarder or a day girl and whether you are an international or domestic student. A break down of fees is available here

Do I need to fill out a separate application form for the Equestrian Academy?
Yes because we require further information about your daughter’s riding level and pony. Please complete the form here

What support is available for my daughter, especially in the first few weeks?
All new entrants are allocated a “Big Sister” who is a friendly Year 12 or 13 student. A Big Sister is responsible for making sure your daughter feels welcome and well guided as she transitions into Woodford House.

How will my daughter be cared for living away from home?
As a boarding school, Woodford House has a comprehensive pastoral care system that offers support and guidance at any time. Our pastoral care team includes a Nurse, Counsellor, Director of Boarding, House Deans and Boarding Supervisors, ably led by a Deputy Principal who oversees wellbeing.

Is there a need for a mobile phone and are there rules for usage?
A mobile phone is not necessary, but the majority of students do have one.  Each year level has different rules for their usage, which is outlined in the School’s Electronic Devices Policy.

How do I stay connected with my daughter in boarding?

  • Regular phone contact (Juniors’ phones are collected at bedtime)
  • Internet messaging services such as Skype

What strategies are in place to make sure boarders are kept safe?
The safety of our students is paramount. We operate a high trust model and have regular conversations with students about staying safe. In addition, we have several policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your daughter is a priority including:

  • A robust leave process
  • The use of ScanOne – an electronic sign-in and sign-out system that allows us to keep track of all students.

What is Prep and how does it work?
Prep is an allocated time for students to do homework.

  • Junior students are supervised every night
  • Year 7-8 students’ prep is from 7.30pm-8.30pm
  • Year 9-10 students’ prep is from 7.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Senior students are self-managed learners and do prep in their rooms. This is supervised by a House Supervisor.

Do students need a school bag?  Are there school lockers?
Yes, a school bag is necessary even if your daughter is a boarder.  All students are issued a locker.

What happens if my daughter is unwell?
Woodford House has a health and wellness centre available to students and staff. If your daughter is unwell, she will be cared for by the School Nurse or the School Doctor. If medical staff assess your daughter and believe she needs to be resting at home, the School Nurse will contact parents or caregivers directly.

For further queries, please email the Principal’s Assistant: enquiries@woodford.school.nz