Woodford house


WHPA AGM – May 2015

The AGM was held on 11 May with Ana Ward presenting her final President’s Report. The Accumulated Funds have grown substantially in six years and an incredible amount has been donated to the School over the last five years.

Parents’ Association AGM  Overview

Significant donations (with a focus on technology) include plasma monitors for the Chapel, Active boards and projectors throughout the school, robot builders for the Science department, and drum kits for the Music department. In 2013 was the installation of campus wide Wi-Fi and this year the new website. In addition there has been new sports gear – cricket nets, cross trainers and tents, etc. Facilities around the school campus have also been upgraded with new drinking fountains, shade sails for the intermediate forecourt and later for the swimming pool area and the completion of the changing rooms project. The new apartments were fitted out for the Year 13s and along with the Year 12 PLEASE projects the PA also helped fund the International exchange programme.

Thanks were extended to Jo Dee, who stepped down as secretary and to Caroline Goodwin for her work on the flower team.  Robyn Burns and Jo Dowley were also thanked for their tireless work at raising extra funds to cover the increased costs of Peter Pan – something for which the school community was very grateful. Dean Mason was mentioned for his untiring support of the PA, and staff members Deb McPherson, Jenny Thompson, Stuart Foggin and Rebecca Simpson were thanked for their support and help. It was with sadness that Jackie Barron was farewelled at the end of Term 4. Best wishes were extended to new Principal, Julie Peterson and to new PA President Robyn Burns to keep Woodford wonderful!


Rod Miller was thanked for his continuing support with the WHPA labelled wines, as was Sally Chandler for heading up the pre-Xmas wine fundraising. Trinity Hill and Alpha Domus were also thanked.

The ongoing raffle, charging $12 per family per term, continues to be successful with four lucky families each receiving a refund of $1,400 for term fees.

The Deltacom fundraising programme which works on a rebate system will be given a push this year as passive income has been reducing since 2011.

The Hawke’s Bay on a Platter cookbook was the biggest fundraising initiative for 2013/14 and a proposal for the money raised will be presented to the school shortly.


A second Year Level Drinks held during the Christmas period fitted nicely with a function at the start of the year to meet new parents and welcome the new Year 7s and 9s. The gourmet bbq at the Swimming Sports is always a highlight as is the Year Level drinks held the previous evening. Bridget Hyslop was thanked for her work with this as was Jeanette Louisson for her Elderflower cordial stall. Open Day hosting was a huge success with winning smiles and visitors commenting on the wonderful community spirit that Woodford has. The Winter Solstice Dinner raised a large sum and would not have been possible without the invaluable help of Alison Souness, Jo Harvey and others who helped make the night an incredible success.

The new School website has been launched and will be enjoyed for years to come. Thanks were extended to Tessa Chrisp for her amazing photography.

The Association now needs to look at how to get more parents to attend Athletic Sports, Cross Country and the Equestrian Day.

Ana Ward, WHPA President