Woodford house



The AGM will be held in the school boardroom on Monday, 11 May 2015 at the earlier time of 6.00pm. We welcome all parents from all year levels.

The meeting will start with the presentation of the 2015 Year 12 PLEASE projects. The three finalist groups will present their formal recommendations to the WHPA on what they perceive to be the best possible collaborative enterprise for the Association to spend money on for the benefit of the majority of students. This is usually up to the level of $10,000 per annum and after market research and feasibility studies have been completed. Previous PLEASE projects have included upgrading the swimming pool changing sheds, new pool shade sails, new handrails and steps to the bottom field. The girls from past years have also proposed hand dryers which may form part of the Woodford block upgrade. The committee look forward to hearing what is in store for 2015.

The AGM will see the Election of Officers for the year. I will be standing down as President and have nominated Robyn Burns, our current Vice President, to take the helm. Debbie Morgan will be formally appointed as our new Treasurer, as Maree Rigby left part way through the office term. Jo Dee will also be resigning, as her daughter Jamie is in her last year at Woodford, which leaves the roles of Secretary and Vice President open for nominations. Any nominations for Executive Officers should be made in writing and a form will be emailed to all parents and caregivers in the next few days. Nominations for the WHPA committee will be taken from the floor at the AGM.

Despite the formalities, any parent or friend of the school is welcome to join any of our meetings at any time for interest or otherwise. It is a fantastic way to find out what is going on behind the scenes at a high level in the school, and what the futures plans hold.

The quick general meeting will follow the AGM, with our normal general business and will conclude with Julie Peterson and Dean Mason presenting the 2015 Wish List for the school.

I look forward to seeing lots of new faces on 11 May at 6.00pm – we have an open door policy with a very relaxed style!

Ana Ward, Outgoing President WHPA