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Wellington Business Trip Inspires Senior Students

In early July, a group of eager Level 2 and 3 accounting and economic students travelled to Wellington to experience potential career pathways beyond tertiary degree level study.

The 22 students and four members of staff were lucky to be welcomed into a variety of government and private enterprises. Each speaker covered their personal educational journey to their current job along with giving the students a glimpse into what curriculum subjects can look like in the real world.

ih-august2016-trademeIn the Trade Me boardroom for a presentation

ih-august2016-xeroGirls enjoying a tour of Xero headquarters

ih-august2016-mandyPhoto opportunity with Mandy Hay who spoke with us at the backpackers

ih-august2016-slideA highlight was using the three-storey slide in the middle of the Trade Me building.

Two days were filled with visits to: Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Trade Me with Jimmy McGee (where we were present when they launched their new mascot), Treasury, Implemented Investment Solutions with Anthony Edmonds, Kiwi Bank with CEO Paul Brock (always handy to have a contact who is a student’s uncle), Mandy Hay, an inspirational former CEO who now works with disadvantaged youth, and finally a Wellington icon – Xero.

Student reflections from the experience confirmed how important it is to undertake these out of class excursions:

“Listening to how everyone we met and got to where they are, and the challenges they faced along the way has definitely helped me. Looking forward, I have a much clearer picture of where I want to go and how I’m going to get there.”

Zoe Parker, Year 12

“Every place we visited showed things we have learned or are learning in the classroom being applied in real jobs every day. It was awesome to be at these places and understand what they were talking about and the terms they used.”

Libby Dawson, Year 12

“I had the most amazing trip. Getting to meet such influential and bright people who were passionate and inspiring, who taught me so much truly made this trip worthwhile. It was awesome to share the experience with the other girls and really be able to bond. I can’t thank the staff enough!”

Michaela Fleming, Year 12

“As someone initially apathetic towards a career within the economic and accounting field, I approached this trip with relative indifference. However, after listening and learning from the big brains behind various successful New Zealand businesses and corporations, I am now convinced of its definite merits. From experiencing the diversely cultured, yet similarly luxurious business environments to partially digesting advanced economic concepts, the trip challenged my greatest expectations of a post-university commerce career.”

Annah Knowles, Year 12

“The recent business studies trip was one of the most informative and exciting experiences that I have been a part of. Travelling down to Wellington for two days, we were quickly immersed in the business world of our capital city. We were lucky to visit many different firms within the business and finance industry, and the information and inspiration we were given was on an entirely new level. For me personally, it was fascinating to see how work culture is evolving, particularly through the office styles of Trade Me and Kiwi Bank. It was particularly inspirational to see the passion and excitement that these people have in their jobs and to learn that university degrees are not constricting you to one area, rather opening doors into all sorts of industries and places.”

Susannah Hansen, Year 12

Thanks must go to Mrs Rathbone, Mrs McDowall and the girls for a making it such a memorable trip.

Ms Toni Dunstan, Director of Innovation