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Walking in the footsteps of those in the past

Taking advantage of the public holiday created by the Mondayisation of Anzac Day the Level 2 History and Geography classes travelled to Wellington on 27 April and spent the following day visiting a series of key sites.


ih_may2015_socialsciences02History students visited two recently opened exhibitions detailing New Zealand’s World War I experiences. The Great War Exhibition (put together in just four months by a team headed by Sir Peter Jackson) allows you to walk through the different years of the war.

From a reconstructed Belgian village on the eve of the outbreak of war to peering inside a tank used in 1917 visitors are able to experience some of the sights and sounds of the past. Located in the newly opened Pukeahu National War Memorial Park this was also interesting because in 2013 as part of the Year 10 social studies trip a number of the students had visited the site when it was being redeveloped to lay a wreath at the National War Memorial. At Te Papa the Gallipoli exhibition tells of the experiences of eight New Zealanders who served in the campaign.

Their exploits are depicted around 2.4x larger-than-life giant figures of the individuals and created to show an amazing amount of detail by Weta Workshop. Students were amazed at how the exhibits truly brought aspects of the war to life and allowed you to imagine in far more detail what the experiences of our predecessors were.


ih_may2015_socialsciences01The historians also visited the National Holocaust Centre where they were able to collect resources for their research internal and interview Steven Sedley who spent a year living in the Budapest ghetto whilst both of his parents miraculously survived being interned in a concentration camp. The geographers focused on urban development within the Capital and had presentations from key staff working at Kirkcaldie and Stains and the Wellington Council’s planning department.

As a department we place an enormous value on educational experiences and are delighted to announce that with over 20 students enrolled the 2016 curriculum trip to Europe will be going ahead. We look forward to working with students, parents and other staff to prepare for this exciting opportunity.

Mrs Rachel Roberts, HoD Social Sciences