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Visiting the Famous Spiegeltent

Every girl from Year 7-10 had the opportunity to be part of the inaugural Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival held at the Village green in Havelock North between 27 October and 8 November.

Year 9 and 10 students were enthralled at the feats and athleticism of the Cascus Circus performers in their show called Tola. A bonus was the explanation about the tent prior to the show and question time with the performers afterwards.


Year 7 and 8 students were part of an interactive performance by Java Dance Company called Dirt and other Delicious Ingredients, which was a multi-sensory experience of smells, sounds and even a food fight!  It was a fresh but fun approach to dance.

A group of girls, who had been selected for English and Language extension, attended a Writers session with well-known New Zealand writer, Elizabeth Knox. She talked about creative thinking and using language and structures to bring images to life. The girls gained an insight into the process of writing a novel.

The positioning of the performances ‘in the round’ and the intimacy of the space in the tent meant everyone could see and feel involved in the action.

The Festival was a fabulous opportunity to introduce the students to different art forms and professional performance.

Mrs Josephine Carpenter, Director of Performing Arts