Woodford house


Twins steal the show

Twins Kaitlin and Samantha Rickard jokingly wrote in the Woodford House Chronicle that their best achievements at school were “beating each other”.

The friendly rivalry was the sisters’ way of encouraging one another throughout their seven years at Woodford House. Their support strategy proved to be a success as the girls took home several major awards at the annual prize giving, including the prestigious Dux award.

Kaitlin was crowned Dux for 2015 while Samantha won a raft of academic awards, including the special Phillip Knight Memorial Cup.

Kaitlin Rickard

Kaitlin Rickard crowned 2015 Dux

Kaitlin said she was ecstatic to be named as the top student at Woodford House.

“I started crying before the award was announced because I kind of knew it was me,” Kaitlin said.

“When my name was called my friend, and my Woodford little sister, who were sitting on either side of me, gave me a big hug and I cried even more.”

Although Kaitlin and Samantha have academic excellence in common, their interests are vastly different. Kaitlin loves directing theatre while Samantha prefers to be in science labs.

“We are the complete opposites. Sammy is into science and I am into the performing arts, which is good because we were never really competing for the same things. Any competition we did have was just to try and push each other to do better.”

The sisters will need to find new support buddies next year as they go separate ways for university. Kaitlin is going to Victoria University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts majoring in classics and film while Samantha will study bio-medicine at the University of Auckland.

Principal Julie Peterson said the sisters were highly motivated intellectual scholars.

“These girls have been incredible students and they both have bright futures ahead of them,” Peterson said.

“Dux is the highest accolade for academic excellence and Kaitlin thoroughly deserved it. In addition to being a top scholar, Kaitlin is a creative, curious, industrious and determined to succeed. She is a positive and enthusiastic member of our school community who works tirelessly to achieve.”

The Dux is selected based on the student’s grade point average.