Woodford house


Twilight Athletics 2018

There is something special about Woodford House Twilight Athletics. Everyone is spaced out over the track, but there is a sense of collaboration. House spirit is in the air as Frimley, Rouncil, Tauroa and Wallingford battle it out across track and field.

This year it would be fair to say that everyone gave it their all. From the whole House run (well done Rouncil) to the treacherous tug of war (go the day girls!), girls put their sweat and tears into it.

The novelty events are ferociously fought by House members and, this year, it was amazing. We saw that same sense of competitiveness and grit in the novelties that you see in the championship events with every girl giving it their all. It is always inspiring to watch the super athletic girls take on the challenge for the championships on the track and field.

For a half-way treat our new caterers, Orton Tailored Cuisine, supplied us with some delicious afternoon tea. It was the perfect athlete’s pick-me-up. We also had the World Challenge girls, including myself, run a very popular barbeque down at the track, fundraising for their upcoming expedition.

All in all, athletics was a fine Hawke’s Bay evening, spent outside with a bit of healthy competition. A huge thank you from the girls to the Woodford House staff, in particular the Sports Department, who put the day together and congratulations to Wallingford as overall event winners for 2018.

Molly Goodisson, Sports Prefect