Woodford house


Tremendous Triumph At Quad

It is no secret that when the annual Quadrangular Tournament commences Woodford House girls are incredibly competitive, which is why we were so proud to be crowned overall winners of the 2018 event.

With fierce competition between Woodford House, Iona College, St Matthew’s and Nga Tawa schools, the trophies this year were, as always, highly contested.

For all three codes our first match was against Iona College. In their first game, our Woodford House footballers came out with an exhilarating last minute goal to take the match 1-0. They were joined in their ecstatic celebrations by the netball team who quickly ran onto the field. It was a double victory as the netballers had just come away with a close 30-28 win in their opening match.

Meanwhile, the hockey girls fought hard against an incredibly strong nationally ranked Iona College side, going down in a 6-1 loss.

The following Monday saw two key games to come, with both the football and netball sides needing to clinch both games to secure victory in their codes. The weather conditions only worsened with puddles of water covering the fields, making the task at hand even more difficult for the football and hockey girls.

Year 11 student Sarah Kean said, “It was very difficult, with the rain especially, as we struggled to make out the ball and our fellow teammates.”

Despite this the footballers surged to a hugely exciting victory against hot favourites St Matthew’s Collegiate by 2-1 and Nga Tawa 3-0, clinching the trophy for the first time since 2012. For the Year 13s who made up more than half of this side it was a very special way to conclude, especially for captain Sophie Svenson scoring her first ever goal despite being a back!

Our hockey team challenged the nationally ranked side of St Matthew’s just going down 2-1, but finishing on a high against Nga Tawa winning 3-2. The netballers were playing for their fifth quad victory in a row and stepped up with captain Tessa Wallace describing the games as “some of the best they have played all season”.

Coming away with the trophy was hugely exciting for the girls, especially the many Year 13 girls as this will be their last Quad. This is a tournament that brings each and every Woodford House girl together; we shone as individuals, as teams and as a school.

With the overall winners trophy in hand, it was the perfect ending for myself and my fellow Year 13s to a sensational five years of fierce, fun and victorious competition.

Bridget de Lautour, Deputy Head Prefect