Woodford house


TPP insight – right here at Woodford

Our senior economics students were fortunate to listen to Mike Peterson talk about The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Mike is the Special Agricultural Trade Envoy for the New Zealand Government and works closely with Trade Minister, Tim Groser.



Mike made TPP relevant for the girls, talking in language they could understand, using examples and figures to make the TPP come alive and current, not just another trade agreement that the girls read about in text books and online.

Mike believes the partnership is a no brainer for the New Zealand economy and that the ‘free’ trade doors that will open for us will be significant to the whole economy.

Remembering that New Zealanders only consume 10% of the food we produce, we rely on the other 90% being exported to provide export earnings for our export industry that then filters down to other Kiwi businesses, the workforce and our own families.

Emily Pattullo, a Year 12 Economics student, says, “It was a great experience to have someone talk to us that was so involved in the TPP. He helped me and other students with our internal, which was about Government policies and their impacts on the New Zealand economy. It was great learning from a specialist rather than Dr Google”.

Mrs Ange Rathbone, TIC Economics