Woodford house


Tournament Week

It was a great week for our sports teams at the Lower North Island Secondary School (LNISS) tournament at the end of Term 3. The 1st XI hockey girls came 2nd and were presented with the overall Fair Play Award. Our football girls finished 9th and our netball team finished 11th in their grade. Three senior students give their account of the sporting action.


This year the 1st XI hockey team where lucky enough to spend the week in sunny Mount Maunganui for winter tournament. Although, this did mean taking trips to the harbour for recovery colds after each game. However, the morning walks and stretches along the beach made up for it.

The girls became extremely close and bonded well as the week went by. I was proud of the way the team stuck together on and off the field. A bye on the first day meant we could settle in and prepare for the week ahead. A series of tough and competitive games followed but the girls drive and intensity on the field ensured the results fell in our favour. A draw and a win allowed us to finish top in our pool. This was followed by a cross-over game that was very close and went into extra time where Teegan Geary sealed the win with her reverse.


The skill and focus the girls portrayed in the semi-final ensured the team a spot in the final and the top division next year. We returned home with silver medals around our necks and the tournament award for fair play and respect. We were proud of each other and proud of succeeding in the Woodford jersey.

Catie Nettlingham, Year 12


Winter Tournament week was not only a time when our coach Lisa prayed for sunshine, but also a time that brought teammates closer than the three foot restriction on the netball court. Whether you were a newbie to the team or a veteran Year 13, the week was a great deal of fun and hard work. With days filled with games and nights with benchmark study, any spare time was spent bonding as a team.


We arrived at the netball complex in Wanganui each day to see people everywhere. It was a melting pot of different netball dresses. We were lucky to get a third of a court to warm up on.

A season’s worth of training and team bonding went into each game we played. Some games proved harder than others with teams of high calibre often gracing the court. It was the perfect opportunity to challenge our playing abilities and step outside the comfort zone of Hawke’s Bay’s Super 12 competition. Nine games in five days definitely tested our physical and mental fitness, but we ended up with a reasonable 11th place out of 28.

All good things come to an end. For the five Year 13s, Holly McIldowie, Emily Pattullo, Imogen Mickleson, Ella Whyte and Nikki Livingston, the final whistle of our last game marked the end of their time playing netball for Woodford House. Our last night in the Wanganui Anndion Lodge called for a barbecue, dance off and gifts to the departing girls. Bring on New Plymouth in 2017!

Ruby Hansen, Year 12


This year, the 1st XI football team travelled to Rotorua to compete in the Maurice Hulme Secondary Schools girls football tournament. Over five days we discovered our team’s strengths and weaknesses, through the eight games we played, lead by our new coach Aleesha Heywood.


Between the games, we managed to slip in some studying, as well as a few hot-and-colds in the thermal pools.

Tournament was an especially good time for the senior students to interact with the junior students in the team. At the holiday park, our team bonded over cooking dinner, team meetings and activities such as bowling and swimming.

Our results improved as the week progressed, winning four out of eight games in total, placing 10th in the tournament. We also felt honored to have been mentioned as a team displaying fair play throughout the week.

Tournament was yet again an amazing experience, helping us grow as a team as well as creating new friendships.

Ruby McNamara, Year 12