Woodford house


The Rewards of Culture Club

From cooking to researching international days from countries all round the world and learning traditional games, Culture Club is in full swing nearing the end of Term 3.

The Culture Club is a group of 15 or so girls who are interested in learning more about the world and about different cultures. Woodford is lucky to have ten international girls from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Futuna Island (Frenchh). These girls are such an asset to the Culture Club here at Woodford as they are extremely proud of where they come from and are willing to share different aspects of their culture.

Maho taught the girls how to do origami using traditional origami paper, and although I wasn’t the best, other girls were amazing and it was a lot of fun. Another task required the girls to research a country of their choice and find some information about a special day which the residents celebrate – the range turned out to be quite different.




Members of the Culture Club pose for the camera.


Maho demonstrating how to make sushi using seaweed, pepper, carrot, cucumber and teriyaki chicken.


Some girls making crepes, a traditional French food.

For International Languages Week we had a session where girls could learn how to write their names in a foreign language which was interesting, but difficult, as it is completely different to English. The Japanese girls taught the group how to make sushi, and crepes were a popular choice to make too.

Running the Culture Club is very rewarding as I am able to not only learn more about different cultures in the world but see how proud the international girls are of where they come from and watching them grow while they are here in New Zealand is so exciting.

Brooke Davies, Community Prefect