Woodford house


The Big Weekend In

The reintroduction of the ‘Big Weekend In’ for boarders at the beginning of Term 1 proved to be a valuable experience. This event last took place in 2014 when our current Year 13 students were in Year 9. The weekend was a great opportunity for weekly and full boarders to integrate and get to know each other before the busy school year began.

The girls started the weekend with fun team building activities on Friday afternoon led by our Year 12 students, followed by a movie night in each of the boarding houses.

On Saturday morning, girls in Years 7-13 split into teams for the ‘Amazing Race’ challenge. Each team had to come up with a creative name and was given tasks to complete. One of these included shopping at New World supermarket to see who could purchase three products that were as close to $5 as possible. Three teams were resourceful enough to find a deal pack of three 1-litre cartons of Fresh Up juice for $4.99.

The evidence for each challenge was then captured as a selfie and displayed in a creative way for final judging. It never ceases to amaze me the ideas, artistic qualities and the ability to think outside the square, that our girls showcase on a daily basis.

Team Vogue

The Storm Troupers

The Bulldozing Baboons

The winning team was Team Vogue, which consisted of Ruby Mason, Felicity Dawson, Emma de Lautour, India MacIntyre, Helena Lyons, Lily Fenn, Helena Wimbatcha and Saba Green. The girls won an afternoon tea treat at the Strawberry Patch in Havelock North. The day finished with a swim and time to relax. I don’t think I have ever seen so many students having such a blast in the School swimming pool.

The girls rose to a magnificent sunrise and a sensational Hawke’s Bay day on Sunday. The first Chapel service for 2018 was followed by a delicious brunch prepared by Orton Tailored Cuisine.

The girls then enjoyed an afternoon at Ocean Beach. We were transported by Go Bus whose staff were just as excited about spending the day in the sun as the girls. Go Bus organised the charter especially for our boarding community, for which we were very grateful.

Ocean Beach was as spectacular as always and the girls enjoyed some quality time together. Whether it was going for a walk in the golden sand, swimming in the surf, meeting new friends or life guards on duty, or simply throwing and catching a frisbee.

The weekend continued through to Waitangi Day on Tuesday and celebrations were enjoyed by all who remained in boarding. Following a lazy breakfast we travelled by bus to the Hastings Sports Park to see spectacular cultural performances to mark Waitangi Day. Our girls particularly enjoyed the free rides and yummy food on offer.

The weekend was a huge success and I cannot congratulate the students and staff enough for their efforts.

Mrs Kelly Ives, Director of Boarding