Woodford house


Talking with our Exchange Students

Towards the end of Term 2 the Year 11s have had the pleasure of having Pauline Chambon and Lucie Laprerie become part of our year group. Pauline and Lucie both live in Nantes, France and they decided to do an exchange to Woodford during their summer holidays. Pauline and Lucie have been active members of Woodford and have joined the Year 11 French class as well as the Year 10 French class in order to improve their language as well as our own.


Lucie and Pauline

Lucie and Pauline what are some differences between Woodford and your own school in France?

“The uniform is different, we don’t have uniform in our school we wear our everyday clothing. Also the Woodford timetable is different and confusing for us as we don’t have a day 1 and day 2 system. We have set classes for each day of school and we also don’t have chapel, assembly, houses or homeroom. The daily school routine at Woodford is different also, in France we have seven or eight lessons a day, and we finish school around four, five or even six o’clock.”

What have you enjoyed the most about the time you spent at Woodford?

“We have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet new people and experience a different culture. We also enjoyed learning more about the English language and improving our language skills in and out of the class. Finishing at 3:15pm was also very nice as we finish at a later time at our school in France.”

What are your opinions on the food at Woodford?

“We like the food at Woodford. It is very nice and different to our own. In France lunch is our main meal, so we tend to eat more food at lunch and a smaller amount at dinner. In New Zealand this is different as dinner is your main meal and you eat less at lunch.

Has your English improved while being a student at Woodford?

“Yes, it has. Being surrounded by the language and communicating with people in English has been very helpful for learning and improving our skills in the English language.”

Would you recommend doing an overseas exchange to Woodford students?

“We would definitely recommend doing an overseas exchange, however not when you are too young. We think 15 years or older is a good age to do an exchange. We would recommend an exchange because we really enjoyed our time in New Zealand because we were able to meet new people, experience a new culture and improve our English at the same time. We highly recommend an exchange as it’s lots of fun.”

Sarah Williams, Year 11