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Taking Time Out

ih-may2016-boarding-bedroomWith the second term well under way, girls are busier than ever. The afternoon air is often abuzz with chatter as girls rush from one activity to the next.  House Music, hockey practice, choir, netball…

For many of our girls their day is filled to the brim. Whether it is sport, service, academia or arts, our girls love to be busy and to get involved.  As a school community we encourage girls to contribute across the cornerstones. However, putting time aside for quiet or reflective time is also important.

It is not a secret that our girls want to do well. They thrive on opportunities to stretch themselves beyond the possible to touch the impossible. Although we welcome and encourage this positive mind-set, it can also bring additional challenges, pressure, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and  fear of loss or disappointment.  Whether it is self-driven or brought upon through external pressures, the reality is that, at times, our girls need to take a step back and gather their thoughts so they can be strategic about the way forward.

Professor Guy Claxton, from the University of Winchester, states that  through building their reflective capacity, students will be able to take increasing responsibility for their learning, be better planned and organised, revise along the way and monitor and review their own progress.

Self-talk such as, how can I use my experience last week to help me now? What did I learn from that? What are the three things I have learned about myself through this experience? Can I think of another way of doing it?  What do I really want to achieve in the next few days and weeks? What help might I need?

As we continue to encourage the girls to try new things and to get involved, we also encourage them to take time out to reflect and review the experiences and learning opportunities.

Mrs Catherine Bentley, Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing