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Summer Ball at the Mission

Our Summer Ball took place on Friday 11 March at the Mission Estate Winery. The event was organised by a dedicated committee of Year 12 and 13 students ably led by Gaby Williams and a team of parents, headed by Paula Black.

This year’s theme was simply ‘summer’ and Lydia Hill created a striking design which was used on invitations, placecards, menus and the photo booth. Ivy, flowers and hundreds of fairy lights were used to transform the venue into a summertime paradise.

One student remarked it was like stepping into a resort.

Over the course of the evening the girls and their partners sat down to a delicious meal, listened to the stunning singing of Ian Munroe and enjoyed the social dancing, which was led by Mr John Fullwood. The hours slipped away quickly and all too soon the Ball was over for another year. Everyone agreed it had been a delightful evening, though a somewhat colder one than we had been used to over this long hot summer.

We are enormously grateful to all the parents, students and staff who contributed in various ways to make the Ball so successful. It is yet another example of the Woodford family working together to create a truly memorable event. Below are some highlights before and during the evening.

Rachel Roberts, Rouncil House Dean

Year 12 and 13 girls with their ball partners.

Year 12 girls with their ball partners.

ih_mar2016_Ball 1

Michaela Rose-Tripp, Lucy Gee-Taylor, Willa Aitken, Olivia Dale, Kantima La Ong and her partner.

ih_mar2016_Ball 2

Alexandra Whyte, Charlotte Brown, Bianca Kitchin, Jess Steele Mortimer, Rosa Glazebrook and Emily Pattullo.