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Successful Businesswoman Motivates and Encourages

Chelsea-LeadbetterFor our girls – listening to a young 26 year old successful businesswoman was motivating and encouraging. Chelsea Leadbetter has carved a reputable career as a senior business analyst for Forsyth Barr – no easy task in a male dominated industry. But Chelsea has taken advantage of her point of difference – a young female who understands the investors of today.

It was inspirational as we absorbed her journey. From being the ‘nerdy’ teenager who involved herself in all school activities – playing a non-mainstream sport like underwater hockey and the saxophone – to the successful businesswoman who over the last seven years has progressively climbed the financial investor’s ladder with hard work and trust in her core values.

Many thanks to Phil Williams for providing our business students with this opportunity. Chelsea came to Hawke’s Bay for the day from Wellington head office to share her expertise with the Level 3 Accounting students as part of their scholarship programme. It was such a good opportunity we also invited students from Iona, Havelock North High and Lindisfarne. We were also able to have Chelsea share her educational journey with our Level 1 and 2 business studies students.

Reflections from students who attended the talk show the benefit of such visits:

It was extremely interesting to hear about how she has coped and thrived in a male dominated industry. Her advice about keeping your options as wide as possible was helpful, especially looking at course selection soon! It was so surprising but also inspiring that she has stayed within the same business! 
Olivia Ward

I found that Chelsea was very inspirational. To see such a young woman in the position that she is in is so refreshing, she gave some very useful information for our internal. 
Lauren Wallace

Chelsea has demonstrated that regardless of our gender or age all of us are able to achieve anything with ambition, diligence and resilience.
Natasha Wisker

What I found very interesting about Chelsea’s talk was that she described how it wasn’t essential to know what to do in the future; that it was more important to take opportunities whenever you get them, keep your options wide and get the best grades possible. 
Susannah Hansen

Level 1 Economics

Students in Level 1 Economics have had to switch their thinking from being consumers to being producers. What would a producer do if the price of their product rose? They have had to stop thinking about how a consumer would react to a price increase and start thinking about how a producer would respond to a price increase. Would the producer want to increase output or not? Would it increase profitability and if so by how much?


To contextualise this concept we wore different producer hats for the day – literally! Each girl chose a hat to wear from the ‘hat bag’ and became a particular producer for the lesson – they were all owners of different businesses. The girls chose businesses that related to the hat they wore. We had the owner of an ammunitions business, beach activities service, knitting firm, farmer and a potions company!

Mrs Ange Rathbone, TIC Economics