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Submit your 125 Moment

In 2019, Woodford House will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a leading school for girls. A weekend of festivities will take place to honour and celebrate the vision of our Founders, which has helped provide more than 5000 girls with a world class education.

In the lead up to these celebrations, we will be sharing 125 Moments or Memories about Woodford House from a range of perspectives including Old Girls, Parents, Current Students, Staff and Board Members.

As a valued member of the Woodford House community, we invite you to share one of your fondest moments or memories with us by completing the form below. This could be from a specific event you attended, a wonderful relationship you had with a staff member, a celebration of success or a profound learning moment. Due to space restrictions, please keep your moment concise and to a maximum of 300 words. 

By submitting your moment, you agree for it to be published on the Woodford House website, social media pages and other school related publications such as the Tempus magazine, for everyone to enjoy.

Once you have submitted your moment, please send a high resolution, preferably head and shoulders, photo of yourself to Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Andrea Jackson: andrea.jackson@woodford.school.nz.