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Study Pathways at EIT Trades Academy

Pathways gives senior students the opportunity to study alternative subjects to the curriculum, which lead to tertiary study or work. In 2018, Year 12 students Stella Hansen and Emily Harper have been studying Hair and Beauty at the EIT Trades Academy.

The EIT Trades Academy is a national initiative to enable Level 2 students to gain NCEA credits through a wide range of practical skills-based training courses. Students attend Trades Academy at the EIT campus every Friday during Terms 1 – 3 and can expect to gain at least twenty to thirty NCEA Level 2 credits over the course of the year.

Pathways Coordinator, Ms Jane Perry, caught up with Stella and Emily to find out about their experience of studying Pathways subjects.

“I really enjoy the hands on experience we receive, instead of lectures. The practical work is easy to follow and I have tried hair and makeup styles I would not usually try. The teachers are very calm and easy to talk to, which helps make the salon a stress-free environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at EIT this year and I would recommend it to anyone. Pathways has helped me realise that I want to pursue a career in beauty, as I have developed my hair and beauty skills and I feel more confident to do someone’s hair or makeup. Pathways has taught me different ways that I wouldn’t usually experiment with, which has taken me outside my comfort zone. I believe that Pathways is useful for my future studies as I now have a clear idea of what I will do.”

Stella Hansen, Year 12

“Pathways is very useful for me this year as I am already currently working part-time in a hair salon in Havelock North. Studying at EIT has allowed me to be more confident in my work and has made me realise this could be a potential career path for me. I have always been very interested in the hair and beauty industry, and the course allows you to do practical work on models as well as mannequins, which is fun and exciting. Pathways has allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone and has taught me many different styles, skills and techniques. This experience offers a taste of what you may want to do in the future and helps you realise if the course is right for you and your career path.”

Emily Harper, Year 12