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Students receive $100K in scholarships

Six Year 13 students have collectively been awarded $100,000 in university scholarships for outstanding leadership or excellence in their chosen field.

One student, Catie Nettlingham, was awarded seven engineering scholarships, including the Edna Wadell Undergraduate Scholarship for women in technology, which was awarded to the top four females entering engineering across all universities in New Zealand.

Catie, who graduated from Woodford House last week, has always had a fascination with how things work and why. Her curiosity, inquisitive nature and determination to solve problems has resulted in being awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships and bursaries.

Catie says she is humbled to receive the scholarships.

“I feel grateful for being recognised for my efforts and am excited for the opportunities these scholarships bring,” Catie says.

Throughout high school, Catie knew she wanted a career that involved problem solving and discovery but became particularly interested in engineering during the past two years.

“Engineering will give me the ability to make a difference to our everyday lives and to be at the forefront of our rapidly changing world. The profession is so exciting and it appeals to me as it involves problem solving, teamwork and creativity.”

She credits her teachers in science, technology and mathematics who “inspired me to continue studying in these subjects” and “encouraged me to aim high and believe in my ability”.

“Mrs Iresha Dona has particularly encouraged me in the field of engineering and took me to multiple information talks at local engineering firms. She also organised a mentoring programme at RCR Energy to shadow two professional engineers, which was very insightful.  In addition, the opportunity I had to participate in the silver CREST project encouraged me to challenge myself in food technology and helped me to make connections with key people within the industry.”

Catie encourages other students who are interested in engineering to accept every opportunity that comes their way and be proactive about getting involved in the industry early as this helped her tremendously when deciding on a career and applying for scholarships.

“My advice is to have a vision, find a purpose and start setting goals to make it happen. Hard work goes a long way and being all-rounded and finding a balance is key.”

Next year, Catie will study a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at The University of Canterbury – her first step in becoming a chartered engineer.

“I plan to travel with my degree and work in third world countries to establish systems which we take for granted in the western world. I want to be part of the world’s future and help make progress in solving some major issues such as environmental protection. I aim to influence a more sustainable New Zealand.”

Woodford House Principal Mrs Julie Peterson said it was excellent to see girls excelling in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects.

“Our girls are embracing the challenges and opportunities of STEM subjects and excelling in fields that foster creativity, problem solving and computational thinking. These skills and STEM literacies are fundamental for innovation and economic growth.”

She said the scholarships were a testament to the girls’ work ethic and commitment to their academic studies. She also congratulated her dedicated staff who ensured girls were given the tools, knowledge and support required to excel in their chosen fields.


Scholarship recipients 2017:

Anna Boult

  • University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship: $6000
  • Victoria University Excellence Scholarship: $5000

Angel Hillman

  • Isabella Siteman Scholarship: $1000 per year for three years.

Ruby Hansen

  • University of Otago High Distinction Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship: $20,000

Susannah Hansen

  • The University of Auckland Top Achievers Scholarship: $20,000
  • The University of Auckland Faculty of Business and Economics Scholarship: $5,000

Caitlin Maiorana

  • Massey University Vice Chancellors High Achievers Scholarship with Distinction in the Arts: $7,500

Catie Nettlingham

  • University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders Scholarship: $6,000
  • University of Canterbury Engineering Top Scholars Award: $10,000 (awarded to top 10 students going into engineering)
  • University of Canterbury Entrance Scholarship: $6,000
  • Helen MacMillan Brown Bursary: $2,500
  • Edna Wadell Undergraduate Scholarship for women in technology and engineering: $5000 (awarded top two females entering engineering for all New Zealand universities)
  • Strata Group Engineering Scholarship: $5,000
  • Worley Parsons Runner-up Scholarship (includes a mentoring programme and work experience and job opportunities)