Woodford house


Students Interview Old Girls About The 1960s Decade

The Year 10 Social Studies programme begins each year with a 1960s topic. The girls explore the 1960s as a significant decade of change and look at a variety of aspects from this era with a comparison to life now.

They have a particular focus on social dynamics, the life of women and how schooling was during this period. They look at icons like the Beatles and the influence of these on pop culture during the 1960s in New Zealand.

The formative assessment for this unit has always included a component on interviewing someone who was a teenager in the 1960s. The girls have found it progressively harder to find someone to interview, so we decided this year to invite some very special guests to join us at school for the interviews. We had four Old Girls of Woodford House as well as some grandparents join the Year 10 students for the morning at school to be interviewed. 

Our girls learnt a huge amount from the memories and wisdom of the people who came in to share their experiences of the 1960s. They were treated to photos, newspaper clippings, record covers, and other memorabilia of the decade. The girls enjoyed the enthralling stories of the Woodford House boarding house the most! Another highlight was hearing first-hand about significant events, such as the Wahine disaster, from people who were there as it happened.

The girls used these interviews to create a short two-minute video of the 1960s incorporating the new digital technologies curriculum into their Social Studies assessment. These videos were to be played at a 1960s party held in the dining room at the end of term where the girls were going to dress up in attire from the 1960s and the kitchen staff would have put on a special 1960s themed morning tea for the girls. Unfortunately, the party was postponed due to the early school closure.

So instead of a party, and in true Woodford House fashion, I’ll leave you with a quote from the 1960s: 

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…” ― John Lennon

Mrs Rhiannon Fitness, Social Studies Teacher