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Students Create Community Gifts

Year 7 and 8 girls have been working on creative products for the Hawke’s Bay community this term. Having completed soft and food materials units earlier in the year, the girls enjoyed the opportunity to apply their technical skills for the benefit of others.

Using a production line method, students worked in small teams to construct tote bags for Nourished for Nil. The bags will be given to Nourished for Nil clients to carry away the food that has been collected from Hastings and Havelock North providers. So far 52 bags have been completed and will be taken to Nourished for Nil before the end of term.

The student teams also produced 46 individual Christmas cakes which were covered with almond and royal icing and a festive design on top. The cakes will be delivered to a worthy cause (yet to be confirmed) in the next week. It is never too early for a piece of Christmas cake.

Mrs Pam Knight, HOD Technology