Woodford house


Stimulating Creative Thinking

Using our hands feels good and is good for us. Tactile work enhances physical and emotional wellbeing as well as creativity.

Makerspace sessions, where students can participate in planned activities and challenges using a variety of different materials, have started in the library. The purpose of these sessions is to stimulate creative thinking, afterschool relaxation, and social and collaborative development.

It also supports STEM thinking. Promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and careers is a high priority for the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, which Woodford House belongs to.

A recent report by the University of Melbourne has found that girls are choosing not to study physics, IT and advanced mathematics at high school, subjects which are needed to pursue high-paying careers. Girls often think they are not good enough yet research shows this is not the case.

So far girls have experienced paper folding – creating hedgehogs from unwanted books. We have also used origami folding to create lidded boxes and kusudama flowers. Four girls have taken part in a technology challenge using Lego.

We will be using recycled materials to create new items, such as bracelets and vases from plastic bottles, trying crafts like macramé and jewellery making, designing rockets and catapults, and using electronics, robotics and other creative activities.

As Albert Einstein said,  “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”.

Mrs Karen Carswell, Librarian

A paper hedgehog created during makerspace session

A makerspace creation