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Staying Connected During Isolation

As we pass the half way mark of the four-week lockdown, it is evident that some people are starting to feel the effects of being home-bound and living in a bubble. It is more important than ever that we stay connected as a community, virtually check-in on others, lift the spirits with entertainment and crush boredom with some light-hearted activities.
Here are a few creative ways the staff and students at Woodford House are supporting each other and the wider community through these trying times.

Letter Themed Dinners

When Mrs Lorna Morice was out for a run during the start of the lockdown, she came up with an idea to help keep the Woodford House spirit alive and the community connected. With 26 days of lockdown and 26 letters in the alphabet she thought it would be fun to create letter themed dinner parties every night. 

So, every day at lunchtime, Mrs Morice posts a randomly-drawn letter from a Scrabble set on Schoology and Facebook. The challenge to everyone else is to dress up in something starting with that letter for dinner at home. 

Dozens of people from all over New Zealand have joined Mrs Morice and her family, including our very own staff.

The initiative encourages families to eat dinner together, build virtual relationships with others, provide entertainment and bust the boredom that can set in during these isolating times.  If you haven’t joined in yet, there are still plenty of nights left, or you can simply enjoy the photos as they’re posted online each day. Check out the Photo Gallery here.

The ‘F’ Scrabble draw where Mrs Lorna Morice and family dressed up as a Flapper, Freddie Mercury, a forester, a formal ball gal and Fred Dagg

Prefect Isolation Challenge – By Ella Ruddle, Head Prefect

Right now, as a leader, it is easy to feel helpless. As we wade through these interesting times the Prefect Team and I have been forced to think outside of the box, in terms of continuing to support the girls. I mooted to the girls last week a random idea that we did a week of virtual ‘isolation challenges’ on Schoology.  The team instantly grabbed the idea and suddenly we had a list of challenges and ‘isolation hacks’ for the following week.

These include: A yoga challenge, a baking challenge, a tribute to the essential services and towards the end of the week a fun compilation (including staff and students) of ‘a day in the life in isolation.’ The team knew there was a place to show leadership in this time. We wanted to keep it fun and light-hearted to take their minds off the heaviness right now. We also wanted to show them that we are still here and happy to support the girls whenever they need. It isn’t huge, just something simple to bust some boredom and put a smile on their faces. 


Shine Workshop

On Monday 6 April, we launched our very first Shine Workshop for Year 12 and 13 students. The theme of the workshop was What Went Wrong. What Happened Next? – a timely topic given the disruption that Covid19 has caused globally.

What was meant to be a conference style setting in the School Hall turned into a mass Zoom meeting with mini virtual discussion rooms. Around 70 people came together during the school holidays for the workshop including Mentors from around the world. Incredible stories were shared and rich discussions took place that developed our resilience.  The workshop, led by best-selling author and regular RadioNZ guest Catherine Robertson, provided our girls with a new learning experience and a deeper insight into the Shine initiative. You can read more about the Shine story here.

Colouring in Competition 

Woodford House launched a colouring in competition as part of its Virtual Open Day at the start of the school holidays as a way to lighten the mood and help pass the time. We have been so impressed by the entries so far – the Principal Mrs Julie Peterson will have a very hard decision choosing a winner. 

If you would like to enter the colouring in competition, download your very own Woodford House colouring-in sheet here.

Once you’re finished colouring in, take a photo or scan it and email communications@woodford.school.nz with your name, age and postal address and you’ll go in the draw to win a Prize Pack!