Woodford house


Sports Round-up

Passion and persistence kept our girls on the run in all weather at Woodford this month. See our recent sports results including ECNISS Cross Country Relays, Woodford Cross Country Championships and House Points.

ECNISS Cross Country Relays

Senior 3rd Place Prue Boult, Anna Boult, Jessie McNeil, Jessica Norris
Senior 7th Place Olivia Ward, Ruby Hansen, Catie Nettlingham, Holly McIldowie
Year 7/8 2nd Place Phoebe Burns, Tessa Burns, Harriet Park, Jemima Christie
Year 7/8 4th Place Charlotte Pettigrew-Heeps, Rachel McDougall, Lily Nilsson, Emma Dixon
Year 9 5th Place Jordan Teneti, Chanel McKeefry, Katarina Porima, Jessica Hansen
Year 10 4th Place Ginny Gibbs, Molly Goodisson, Katie McNeill, Monique Way
Year 10 9th Place Teegan Geary, Rylie Bensemann, Tessa Wallace, Niamh Bentley


Woodford Cross Country Championships

Champion Runner up 3rd Place
Year 7/8 Tessa Burns Harriet Park Phoebe Burns
Junior Monique Way Molly Goodisson Katie McNeil
Senior Ch Ginny Gibbs Prue Boult Jessica Norris
Senior Std Jamie Dee Milly Smith Farren McGregor-Smyth



House Points

1st Rouncil 1180
2nd Frimley 1037
3rd Tauroa 1015
4th Wallingford 800


Mr Chris McIvor, Head of Sport