Woodford house


Showquest 2019

Showquest is a nationwide competition that aims to combine music, acting, art, and of course, dance. This hotly contested event challenges entrants to weave each aspect together to create a performance piece that is moving, relevant, and poignant.

We, Giorgia Hickey and Annabelle Fenn, oversaw more than three months of planning, choreographing, composing and rehearsing. Together, we wrote, designed and directed every aspect of the performance ourselves, including the theme, soundtrack, and choreography. It was the biggest leadership challenge either of us had taken on and we absolutely loved it. Dancing is our passion, and creating a performance of this magnitude has been a shared goal of ours since we were in Year 10. We really loved seeing so many girls get involved in Showquest, and we are so proud of how driven and energetic our cast was. We all grew as a team and as performers, and the two of us grew significantly as leaders.

On Monday 27 May, Ms Cakebread, Miss Rieter and our gap student, Lea, took the cast of 32 dancers and five tech members to Pettigrew Green Arena to perform our 10-minute piece. It was a very long day, but it was a great experience. With around 10 schools involved in the competition, we had the opportunity to watch some of the dress rehearsals from the other competitors, allowing us to see all the hard work other schools had been doing on their shows. Overall, the whole event was an incredibly positive experience.


Our piece focused on the repercussions of drink driving, especially in relation to young New Zealanders and how this affects friends, family and the wider community. Some of our cast had little experience in dance, but everyone brought a fantastic attitude and dedication to every rehearsal. We rehearsed twice weekly in the evenings, which certainly grew tiring but was well worth it in the end.

Although it was difficult to work around everyone’s incredibly busy schedules, the commitment and focus our girls displayed was excellent. Ella Ruddle and Olivia Dowley were especially invaluable, composing a beautiful original song Slip for the emotional climax of our piece. Maia Briggs and Juliet Wilkie also had a lot to offer, writing and executing the lighting and provided much-needed tech expertise.

At the end of the Showquest competition we received the Drama Award and Best Soundtrack Award – results we are very proud of, especially considering our group was considerably smaller than most of the other schools. Our success at this year’s event is definitely a testament to the passion, dedication, and energy of our cast.

Giorgia Hickey and Annabelle Fenn, Year 12