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Shakespeare and Disney’s The Lion King JR

The girls have been embracing drama and dance this term with Disney’s The Lion King JR rehearsals and attendance at the Regional Shakespeare Festival.

Woodford attended the Regional Shakespeare Festival also known as Sheilah Winn, which was held at Napier Boys’ High School. We had two pieces entered: a 5-minute section from The Tempest directed by Arts Prefect Laura Matthews and the other a 15-minute piece from Twelfth Night directed by Ms Miller-Matcham and student director Michaela-Rose Tripp.

This second piece was staged by the Senior Drama girls from Levels 1-3 A. The scene supported their in-depth study of theatre form based on Shakespeare’s work, which was a focus for them in Term 1. The scene had a clever and original setting of a modern office and swivel chairs were used to great effect as part of a chorus of movement.




Shakespeare is alive and well in Hawke’s Bay, as this festival had more entries than previous years and they were all of a high standard.

A massive well done to both casts and directors – you did an outstanding job. It was so exciting to see all their hard work come together on stage

Willa Aitken, Student Head of Drama

Disney’s The Lion King JR

Being one of the cast, a lioness, in this year’s production of Disney’s The Lion King JR, is amazing. It is a really big opportunity and I was lucky to be selected. In the all-cast rehearsals and in our own rehearsals, there are lots of laughs while practicing. William, our choreographer, has just finished teaching us our dance that we will be performing. The end result of this will be a top quality show. We are aiming for the best as we are the first school in the North Island to be able to perform Disney’s The Lion King JR production. The commitments to this production are big and we will soon be starting three days a week of full cast rehearsals. I cannot wait!

Georgia Hickey, Year 9