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Seven National Scholarships Awarded

The inaugural year of the Scholarship Academy has resulted in exceptional academic success with seven national scholarships being awarded to girls across the subject areas.

Each year the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) awards approximately 3000 scholarships to students nationwide.

NZQA Deputy Chief Executive, Kristine Kilkelly, says the scholarship is regarded as the most prestigious secondary school award available in New Zealand.

The Scholarship Academy prepares girls for scholarship examinations or to submit scholarship portfolios.

In 2015, seven scholarships were offered to our girls for their academic excellence in: physical education, classical studies, chemistry, biology and accounting, which received one scholarship and photography which received two.

Head of Visual Arts, Ms Diane Morris, says she is extremely proud of all the girls who committed to submitting Visual Art portfolios.

“Photography is a difficult subject area to get a scholarship in because Visual Arts can be very subjective and academically demanding, but the 2015 results show that hard work, dedication and commitment brings rewards.”

Of the two girls who received photography scholarships, Madeline Curtis based her portfolio theme on a study of how humans perceive light, while Josephine Flowers investigated the life giving and life taking properties of water.

Ms Morris says each girl spent hours researching a topic they were passionate about before telling their story through the lens of a camera.

Photography by Josephine Flowers.

Photography by Josephine Flowers.

Photography by Maddy Curtis.

Photography by Maddy Curtis.