Woodford house


Service to the Community

catherine bentleyOur prefects are currently working alongside prefects from Iona and Lindisfarne Colleges planning a day of service to the local community.

To date, tentative plans include working alongside children from primary schools and preschools providing a range of sporting activities for them, working with the elderly, and offering manual labour at a youth centre. At the end of next month all Year 13 students from the three schools will be placed into groups and will work alongside the prefect leaders on their chosen project. Past experiences have proven to be wonderful and rewarding learning experiences for all involved.

Handbook Changes for Boarders

At the end of last term, boarding parents were sent an updated copy of our 2015 Handbook which contains a number of changes we have made to boarding. This term we will be continuing conversations with parents, students and staff about possible next steps. We hope to trial some of the new initiatives next term with the aim to implement any changes next year. At the centre of any conversation will be our core purpose, to provide a ‘brilliant boarding’ experience for all.

Mrs Catherine Bentley, DP – Director of Students