Woodford house


Senior Students Direct Junior Choir

Two senior students guide their small choir of 12 girls through a weekend practice as the weather rages outside. A storm is thrashing against the windows and the frequent power outages render the practice space cold, dark and unwelcoming. Even the force of nature cannot deter this group and their level of commitment. Senior students, Susannah Hansen and Annah Knowles are the directors of our Year 7/8 Junior Choir as they get ready to perform at the Kids Sing 2016.

The practice was rich with positive feedback and clever anecdotes. Quirkily named techniques were a highlight for anyone lucky enough to observe Annah and Susannah coaching their eager young protégées. Calm voices and warm words of encouragement were used by the directors during the two hour practice on a Saturday morning.

The Junior girls remained focused throughout with smiles on their faces. In awe of the two coaches at the helm who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and supporting the Performing Arts at Woodford.

During the week following this practice, Anna and Susannah directed their choir at the regional Kids Sing choral competition whilst rehearsing and performing in Disney’s The Lion King JR. This week both girls are travelling to Dunedin as members of the Woodford House Chapel Choir to compete in the National Big Sing 2016 Finale. Also, in the few days between the Lion King finishing and travelling Dunedin, Annah sat the Associate of Speech New Zealand in Speech and Drama Performanace (ASB) Diploma in Speech and Drama.

Annah and Susannah are passionately involved in the Performing Arts at Woodford House.

The Year 7/8 Choir has been an absolute pleasure to direct. Although they are a small choir, each and every girl has committed so much time and effort and the progress they have made as a group has been outstanding. We are so proud of the girls, particularly their exemplary behaviour at the Kids Sing Festival.

Susannah Hansen, Year 12

The long hours of training and performing with the lovely 7/8 choir has reaped collective growth and new friendships.

Annah Knowles, Year 12

Mrs Fiona Mackenzie, Arts Coordinator