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Responding to the refugee crisis

On Thursday 15 October, Woodford was involved in a 24 hour ‘prayer relay’ for refugees with other church schools around New Zealand.

Each school would spend an hour relaying their prayers of encouragement to the refugees around the world. When one school had finished they would “hand over” to another school by posting their prayers on a Facebook page dedicated to the initiative. This continued for 24 hours.

It was a good example of how the power of combined prayer and action could make a big impact on others’ lives.

The written prayers will be sent to the Anglican Cathedral in Wellington. It is possible they will also be sent to Parliament before being passed on to refugee families.

Woodford was involved in this special event because we believe prayer is a powerful message of hope and renewal. We want the refugees to know that young people whom they will probably never meet are praying for them and care about what is happening to them.

Reverend Joy Hamilton-Jones, Chaplain

Thinking deeply about how scared, alone and uncertain the refugees must feel. Messages of Love, Hope and Peace.



students make refugee prayer chain




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