Woodford house


Reflecting the Woodford Family Culture at Dinner

The Boarding Supervisors recently collaborated and problem solved how we could better promote the Woodford family culture at meal times for our boarding girls.

How could we improve our systems, presentation, communication and evening dinner experience?

After reflection, discussion and planning we believe the following points better reflect the family culture at Woodford:

• There are now two dinner times: 5.15pm for all juniors and 5.35pm for all seniors; simplicity in action.
• Boarding staff sit with the girls. This inclusive approach promotes conversation and connection between staff and students.
• Table manners are improving with adults spread throughout the dining room.
• Dinner time is tray free, which helps makes the meal feel different from other meals.
• Table settings are more like home, so each table is set with water jugs and glasses, cutlery in bamboo boxes and serviettes in colourful pots.
• Year 13 students are supervising the scraping and stacking of plates to encourage care for our kitchen systems and staff.

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Director of Boarding