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Record Number of NCEA Scholarships

Woodford House is delighted to celebrate its highest ever number of NCEA scholarships this year. A record 19 scholarships were awarded to Year 13 students across nine different curriculum areas including Accounting, Biology, Classical Studies, Design, English, French, Geography, History, and Painting.

The Woodford House 2018 Dux, Madeleine Fenn, received an Outstanding Scholar Award for her NCEA Scholarship results on Friday 8 February, after the 2018 results were released on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s website. 46 students received this award throughout New Zealand, with Madeleine Fenn being the only recipient to represent a Hawke’s Bay school.

Madeleine Fenn’s results were exceptional with five scholarships in total, including two at Outstanding level, which is the highest accolade awarded by NZQA. She also gained two NCEA scholarships in Year 12. Madeleine joined Woodford House in 2014 and excelled at the highest level in all aspects of her education. An overview of her academic transcript shows her artistic talent and her love for the Humanities. Madeleine deservedly won a variety of prizes for her academic endeavour in and outside of school.

Former Year 13 student, Georgia Mansell, also excelled receiving three scholarships, including one at Outstanding level. Georgia, like Madeleine Fenn, was a full boarder at Woodford House from 2014 – 2018. She was recognised for her consistently excellent effort and high calibre of work – especially in English, History and the Arts.

Both Madeleine and Georgia took part in the Scholarship Academy offered at Woodford House. Since 2015, the School has offered students a specialised Scholarship Academy aimed at supporting and strengthening students’ chance of New Zealand Qualifications Authority NCEA Scholarships.

Stephanie Russell, Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing, believes this year’s scholarship results are testament to the strength and success of the school’s Scholarship Academy. “The Scholarship Academy provides support for the girls to excel alongside their chosen subjects. Through the Academy, girls are inspired to aim higher,” said Russell.

Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas to complex situations.

Stephanie Russell continued, “We are proud of our Year 13 students, and their results are certainly outstanding. These results are also a credit to the teaching staff at Woodford House, who have enjoyed providing their students with the opportunity to thrive and excel in their own learning goals.”

Every girl who walks through the Woodford house gates enters into a stimulating and nurturing environment that caters to their individual strengths, challenges and interests. Woodford House offers highly regarded personalised learning programmes that are developed in partnership with teachers, students and their caregivers to allow each student the opportunity to achieve her personal best.

We look forward to commemorating our 125th Anniversary with yet another year of outstanding academic success.

Congratulations to the following 2018 Year 13 students:

  •  Emily Crosse – Accounting (Outstanding)
  •  Madeleine Fenn – Classical Studies (Outstanding), English, Geography (Outstanding), History and Painting
  •  Amelia Foster  – English
  •  Bridgette Haldane – Biology
  •  Eliza Jani – French
  •  Georgia Mansell – English, Geography (Outstanding) and History
  •  Emily Park – Biology
  •  Georgia Purkiss – Accounting
  •  Zoe Rookes – Design
  •  Sophie Simons – English
  •  Rosaleen Turley – History
  •  Sarah Wixon – English
  •  Zoe Yandell – English

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