Woodford house


Quad Tournament Triumph

You could feel the nerves drift around the bus as we pulled into the Huntley School grounds. We peered out, looking at the rain as it dripped down the windows and listened to the wind howling against the side of the bus. We battled through the rain to reach the warm friendly hall and were greeted with smiles. Sitting in the hall, we nervously waited for our billets to be called, but the feeling soon went away as they greeted us with open arms and made us feel part of their families.

Greta was billeted with three students from Iona College and two from Woodford House, which made it extra homely. Anna was warmly welcomed by Tabby and Emily for her billet fixture. Both groups ate pizza for dinner and watched a movie until bed time. Everyone was very tired from the long trip and quickly fell asleep.

As we gazed at the Huntley Chapel, we were all wondering what the Chapel service would be like compared to Woodford House. It was really cool because they put us into lines so that we would ‘zip’ together. As a result, we ended up sitting next to someone new rather than our usual friends, which I thought was really interesting.

“Does anyone here know who Violet Waldron is?” the Reverend asked. A few hands were raised. “She was one of New Zealand’s first Olympians.”

The Reverend talked about strong female athletes who pushed the boundaries of sport for females. These woman showed GDP; (G)uts (D)etermination and (P)ride, which was one of Huntley School’s values. They didn’t just push the boundaries, they broke them. The Reverend went on to urge all of the quad competitors to do the same. As we left the Chapel, we all felt a little more pride and walked out with our chins up and our chests proud.

Hockey, Netball and Football were the three competing sports. Hockey did exceptionally well winning against St George’s School and Huntly. They also had a close game against Iona College but unfortunately lost by a single point. Netball also played exceedingly well, winning all but one game in which they drew with Huntley. Football played extremely well and won their game against St George’s.

Overall, Woodford House did extremely well, winning both the Hockey and Netball division. However, to win the event overall required consistency across all sports, which Iona College achieved throughout.

We would like to thank Huntley School for hosting this year’s quad team tournament. The competition was so well organised and everything ran smoothly. We would also like to thank our billets as some of the families hosted up to six girls, which was so kind and generous. To the cafeteria, we say a massive thank you. The food was delicious, there was plenty for everyone and it fuelled us for all of our games. Thank you to all the staff and parents for making quad happen and providing this awesome opportunity. However, the most amazing thing about the whole experience was the sport and the competitiveness of all of the players from all of the schools, thank you!

Greta Apatu and Anna Wilson, Year 8