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Principal’s News – Term 1 2017

ih-march2017-julie petersonWelcome to the first issue of Inhouse for 2017 where we celebrate student and staff successes, and provide an insight into living and learning at a leading school for girls.

This year started on a high with outstanding NCEA success across Levels 1, 2 and 3.  We achieved our highest number of NCEA excellence endorsements and nine Scholarships were awarded across eight curriculum areas. Read more >>

Woodford House has an untarnished record of far exceeding national averages, including state-integrated and private schools. We are extremely proud of the effort and commitment of our girls, staff and supportive families.

We encourage girls to strive for personal excellence, not perfection, in all of their pursuits. This mindset may be challenging for some teenagers as they are faced with external social pressures, but it is vitally important they define and focus on their own standard of excellence to improve their self-confidence and academic outcomes.

Matthew Syed, an award-winning Times columnist and three-time Commonwealth table tennis champion, wrote in his book Bounce, “Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavour, and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure. This is the essential paradox of expert performance. When these conditions are in place, learning takes off, knowledge escalates, and performance soars. You are on the path to excellence.”

The steps to reach personal excellence only need to be small in order to gain significant strides in educational outcomes.

We were blessed to have Old Girl (WH 1992-1996) Dr Melanie Gibson-Helm, a health researcher at Monash University in Melbourne, launch the Scholarship Academy for 2017.  In her presentation, she highlighted the importance of going the extra mile to achieve personal excellence; proof-reading a document once more, checking your work again, arriving early to a meeting or class, reading the instructions again, practising one more time or making an effort to make your work look attractive and appealing. Read more >>

All of these little details require discipline and care but they pay off in the long run, she said.

This attitude is encouraged in all of Woodford House’s cornerstones – academia, sport, cultural and spiritual – which has resulted in a string of celebrations and individual excellences this year.

We hope you enjoy reading more about our girls’ efforts and achievements in the articles that follow.

Woodford House truly is a special school that is leading the way in education for girls.

Mrs Julie Peterson, Principal