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Principal’s News – October

With three productive terms behind us, we now stand ready to finish the year with confidence, pride, positivity … and an array of fabulous events.

The Term 4 Calendar is bursting with wonderful events for students, families, staff and the wider public to attend such as the Confirmation Service, Athletics Sports, Visual and Performing Arts Cocktail Evening, Dux Desserts, Sports Awards Dinner, Prize Giving, Carol Service and the Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay A&P shows, to name a few.

These events, which stretch across the four cornerstones of the School, are woven together with a thread of key themes – celebrating success, striving for excellence and being proud of Woodford House.

More importantly, these special Woodford House events bring us together as a family. They provide us with an opportunity to establish, build and maintain relationships. They remind us of the importance to physically and emotionally connect with one another, particularly in a world that is becoming more digitally focused.

Recently, the Board of Proprietors Chairman, Phil Williams, and I were in Gisborne where we had a lovely evening with our Gisborne-based parents and old girls. It was a fantastic opportunity for parents to meet one another, for old friends to catch up, and for us to see where our girls come from – and what a beautiful part of the country it is.

We also attended the Gisborne A&P Show, which provided further opportunity to connect with parents and old girls. It was also lovely to meet some of the young girls, and their parents, who will be attending Woodford in the future.

Julie and Willow

 Julie Peterson with 4-year old Willow Bolten-Riley, who will be joining us in the future, at the Gisborne A&P Show.

I would like to thank you for the Gisborne warmth and welcome. We look forward to continuing that connection with all families as the term unfolds.

It is important to highlight that we, as parents, students and staff, are on this journey together. We need to connect with one another in order to develop the School with a team approach.

Your views are immensely valuable in how we move forward as a world-class school that is leading the way in education for girls. Happy parents and girls are the School’s greatest ambassadors and your input is warmly received and highly valued.

On that note, I would like to invite all parents to join the conversation at the Principal’s Perspective evening on November 23. This is an opportunity to meet each other and discuss the future of Woodford.

I look forward to sharing the Principal’s Perspective evening with you and the many other fantastic events happening this term.

Mrs Julie Peterson, Principal

Coming Up

Friday 30 October 6.00pm – Sports Dinner

Wednesday 4 November 5.00pm – Visual and performing Arts Cocktail Party

Monday 23 November 5.30pm – 7pm Principal’s Perspective

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