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Principal’s News – November

ih_julie_nov2015A remarkable story about a 10-year-old boy who created a bionic arm using a 3D printer captured my attention recently. The young boy, who was born with his left hand in a fist and shortened fingers, created his own solution by designing a highly sophisticated bionic arm. He went to the local library with his mother where they spent 12 hours printing a prosthetic limb on a 3D printer the size of a toaster.

A few years ago, that would not have been conceivable let alone possible. Advances in technology, medicine, robotics and genetics are growing at an exponential rate and it is believed, by some experts, that we are living in one of the most innovative decades ever. This age of disruptive innovation will present many challenges, but also many opportunities for education.

This raises the question, what does it mean to be educated in this Information Age? Where is education heading and how do schools keep up?

How do we educate our students in order to prepare them for careers, and even industries, that have not yet been invented?

Education is undergoing a massive transformation as we move from an archaic, factory-type system where students are mass-produced, to one that focuses on deeper, richer personalised learning that awakens students’ potential.

Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognised thought leader in education, believes a more organic approach to learning will help engage all students, develop their love of learning, and enable them to face the real challenges of the 21st Century.

In his video below, Sir Robinson encourages us to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

We are confident that Woodford is at the helm of this transformation with exciting initiatives such as the Code Club, where students learn how to code multimedia.



Our staff is also leading the way in this transformative world, and I’m delighted to announce Director of Innovation, Toni Dunstan, has been named as one of Schoology’s world ambassadors. Ms Dunstan is the only educator in the Southern Hemisphere to be appointed to this strategic role. We are thrilled for her, and the significant professional and positive implications this role brings to Woodford House.

The strategic direction of Woodford House has also been put under a microscope to ensure our girls are not only equipped for an ever-changing world, but they have the ability to lead the way confidently.

Thank you to parents, students, staff and the boards who provided rich and meaningful data about Woodford. The analysis of this information is well underway as we shape the strategic priorities moving forward.

It is an exciting time to be part of the education transformation. We are all learning, whether that is in the classroom or in an office, on the sports field or on the stage.

As part of our ongoing learning, I would like to invite you to a screening of Most Likely to Succeed on Thursday, 26 November at Woodford House.

 Most Likely to Succeed is a powerful education documentary that follows students, parents and teachers through an unorthodox school experience, challenging us to think about the education environment that is most likely to succeed in the new paradigm of teaching and learning.

Woodford House is the only organisation in Hawke’s Bay to secure screening rights but, as education is a collaborative effort, we have invited the local schools and their parent communities, too. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here: https://goo.gl/BPPMya

View Sir Ken Robinson’s video below:

Mrs Julie Peterson, Principal

Coming Up

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Principal’s Perspective

Date: Monday, 23 November

Time: 5.30pm

Location: Woodford Hall

RSVP: enquiries@woodford.school.nz

Film night: Most Likely to Succeed

Date: Thursday, 26 November

Time: 5.00pm

Location: Woodford Hall

RSVP: https://goo.gl/BPPMya

Chapel Services

Please join us at any of these services in the chapel:

Advent – Sunday, 29 November at 7.30pm

Junior Carols – Monday, 7 December at 7.30pm

Leavers’ Service – Tuesday, 8 December at 3.15pm

Senior Carols – Tuesday, 8 December at 7.30pm

Woodford House Summer Ball

Plans for the 2016 Summer Ball to be held on Friday, 11 March are underway. A reminder that if you are a parent of a current Year 11 and 12 student and are willing to be part of the Parent Ball Committee in 2016, please express your interest using the quick online form here: bit.ly/1RW5xkm

Holiday Reading

Studies show that by reading six books or more over summer children retain their reading level. Most public libraries run holiday reading programmes or books for summer reading can be borrowed from the school library. If your daughter is interested she should see the librarian, Mrs Karen Carswell, during the last week of term.