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Principal’s News – February

Catherine Bentley 2012

Mrs Catherine Bentley, Acting Principal

Welcome to our first issue of Inhouse for 2015.

The year is off to a stunning start with girls celebrating their outstanding success across multiple cornerstones.

Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to our academic success with a record number of endorsements across Levels 1 and 2. This bodes well for the new year. Please refer to Dionne Thomas’s overview of results here for a closer look.

Plans are afoot for a collaborative ANZAC service with the other Havelock North schools early next term. Along a similar theme, two Woodford students have achieved national recognition for sharing their own thoughts and insights about New Zealand’s involvement in war. Susannah Hansen won the Paul Seideman essay competition and Abigail May won the RSA Cyril Bassett VC Speech competition. See here to find out how they were rewarded for their efforts.

We also have a six-time national title holder in our midst. Farren McGregor-Smyth attended the National and Oceania Kayaking regatta last weekend and absolutely obliterated her personal goal of achieving one title at the event. Share details of Farren’s success here.

With the Horse of the Year Show and the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Regatta fast approaching, many of our girls will have the opportunity see the culmination of their hard work and commitment over the past few months pay off. We look forward to sharing future achievements.

Over the last week or so, students have been working with their mentors to set a learning goal for the year. They are being asked to brainstorm all the things they would like to accomplish this year. From this list, they then identify the one thing they believe would change their life the most. The challenge for the girls is the next step in the process when they need to look beyond the ‘one thing’ and break this into a number of steps which they can take to improve their capacity to learn. Evidence suggests that through focusing on refining continuous self-improvement, learners will often exceed their initial goals. We only have to look at our students current achievements to see how this process looks when put into action.

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