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Principal’s News – April

Julie Peterson 2015What a privilege it is to join the ‘Woodford Family’. My sincere thanks to you all for the beautiful Powhiri and Commissioning Service, I feel so blessed.

About Me …

My personal experience has shaped and influenced me immensely. I was born in Southland and as one of seven children, life was never dull! In hindsight, I had an idyllic childhood growing up on a Southland sheep farm and attending a small country school. We had endless natural places to play and swim. I thought nothing of biking the 18 km round trip on gravel roads, to visit a friend for the afternoon. We certainly didn’t suffer from nature deficit disorder!

At the end of Year 8, I left tiny Lochiel School and became a full boarder at Dominican College Teschemakers in Oamaru. Rather abruptly, I left the simplicity and freedom of childhood and entered a completely foreign world as a boarder. My mother and sister had also attended ‘Teschies’ so I had some prior knowledge. I had the comfort of my horse Cindy as did many of the other girls and we spent endless hours galloping along the North Otago coastline. Imagine taking a horse to school now!

Tertiary study followed with the completion of a Diploma in Horticulture (with Distinction) and thereafter a Degree in English. I have loved teaching English to Scholarship level and my passion for literature remains to this day, in particular the recollection of a few lines from Keats or Hopkins still enrich me daily. My professional pathway has extended beyond the classroom into leadership, advisory roles and specialist educational mentoring. I am very passionate about education in general but more specifically the education of girls.

Inspired Thinking …

We are currently experiencing a time of unprecedented change as we live in the age of ‘disruptive innovation’ where the only constant may be change itself! However this has the power to stimulate us to grow and develop our academic, artistic, sporting and spiritual ‘muscles’. In the words of a leading educator, Guy Claxton, let us embrace the ‘joy of the struggle’. He suggests we can no longer be merely consumers of knowledge, information and resources but we must become authors, curators and creators of new and existing knowledge.

Here at Woodford House …

Woodford House offers a world class learning environment. We have exceptional staff and extraordinary girls all focused on a common purpose. We know who we are and why we are here. Whilst we simply cannot predict nor even imagine the future, we are confident that a Woodford education is equipping each and every girl for the brightest future possible. We are responsive to change and hence confidently adapt to the needs of our learning community and our global community. What an exciting journey to be part of.

Mrs Julie Peterson, Principal

Coming Up

Sunday, 3 May at 10.00am – Napier Cathedral Service. This is a compulsory service for all students. Students should be seated ten minutes before the service please. Parents and friends are also welcome.

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